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We've realized that many design companies in Columbus don't want to partner with small businesses or non-profits. If they do, they charge their big-company/big-project rates. Because of this, many businesses are forced to throw a website together themselves and their business can suffer because of it.

This is what led us to form Ekkamai Design.

We want to build solutions for you and your business, regardless of the size of your company. Our mission is to partner with you and create simple, clean designs for your company's website.

Simple blog website for client that wanted to teach the basics of personal finance others, and create a community that spreads awareness of simple finance strategies
This custom site was built on a framework that allowed the client to write their own blog posts that would be added automatically to the website with need for additional technical support.
Project Features
Custom Website
Markdown Blog
Money For Noobs
PLAY Project Consultant Website
Custom website for individual who was providing PLAY Project services through personal LLC.
This website included a Content Management System which allowed the client to provide all of the information (text, images, etc.) that they wanted to display on their website. This allows them to frequently update their website using a simple interface, without the need of contacting us any time they wanted changes.
Project Features
Custom Website
Content Management System
Personalized Contact Form
Real Estate Auction Mobile Application
This mobile application was a local startup's first application in their portfolio used to show investors what set them apart in their industry.
This prototype hooked into an in-house cryptocurrency application to allow users to bid on real estate property using digital currency.
Project Features
Mobile Application
Integration with Proprietary Software
Real Estate
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